Summary of Lola Loves GDPR Event

On the 25 May 2017, we held our first event, on the subject of GDPR – One Year to Go. Organised by Phil Cooper and Didi Coeur, the event was made a real success by the fantastic speakers and the huge turnout from our clients and partners. There was a point in the day where we had to keep asking the Brewery team to bring in more chairs for all the extra people who showed up!

The day kicked off with an introduction from Robin Caller, CEO of LolaGrove, where he outlined our goal for the event: to explore the commercial benefits and the real possibility of preparing for GDPR right now (as opposed to in 6 months’ time, or when GDPR comes into force).

Ruth Boardman, Partner Co-head, International Data Protection of international law firm Bird&Bird, then took the stage to give attendees an overview of the GDPR. This included a candid explanation of the penalties for non-compliance above and beyond fines – including the ruling to delete all customer data until compliance criteria have been met – as was the case with loyalty scheme company LoyaltyBuild.

She then explained exactly what constitutes “personal data,” and explained that it needn’t even contain any personal identifiers such as a name or address to be personal if it’s being processed with the aim of distinguishing an individual.

Christine Andrews, Managing Director of DQM GRC, then presented how businesses that do GDPR and ePrivacy well can build consumer trust by putting them in control. She detailed the key differences in regulation from the DPA to GDPR and gave attendees an overview of the changes they need to make within their companies to comply, including: data mapping, policies, documentation of processing and using methods that allow them to process data with consent, privacy and data protection in mind.

After lunch, John Mitchison, Head of Preference Services, Compliance and Legal at the DMA, took to the stage to explain several key concepts of GDPR including consent, re-permissioning, legitimate interests, profiling and the rights of the data subject. He highlighted the importance of trust in the eye of the consumer, and steered the audience through the DMA’s guidance on how to build it.

Robin Caller then returned to the stage for his short, quick-fire slideshow that used images to depict the story of LolaGrove from its inception to the processor it is today, and the features it has been developing for years to ready its clients for GDPR ahead of time. Neil Shaylor, LolaGrove Sales Director, manned a demo explaining Provenance: a LolaGrove feature which captures, logs and documents the explicit consent given by a user on a LolaGrove form – ensuring that the data controller can comply with this key GDPR requirement.

Following this, everybody broke for coffee and cake, before joining Angela Mills-Wade, Executive Director of the European Publishers Council (EPC), in the final presentation of the day: ePrivacy and the role of Europe’s News Media in Restoring Citizen Trust. As a lobbyist in Brussels, Angela provided a unique perspective on the current state of the developing ePrivacy regulation, and advised the audience that the proposed ePrivacy revisions open up a whole new set of rules that trump GDPR, and that targeted personalised services from publishers could be put at risk. She advised that the EPC is lobbying Brussels to defend publishers’ rights to use data generated by readers to make online publications more relevant and create a better user experience. The jury is out as to which of the current proposals will eventually make their way into actual ePrivacy legislation.

Finally, a panel session involving Angela, John, Robin and Oliver Yaros, a Partner at Mayer Brown, answered questions submitted via an online survey the attendees had been completing throughout the day, and a roaming mic in the audience.

After that, everyone headed down into the Vaults of the Brewery for a complimentary bar, and then out into the dazzling late May sunshine for more around the corner at the Jugged Hare.

We at LolaGrove would like to thank all the attendees who came and made the event such a success, to the fabulous speakers who came and offered their GDPR expertise and to the Brewery team who were on hand to help the event run smoothly and provide a delicious lunch of kebabs and Thai food, and refreshments throughout the day.

To request a demo of Provenance yourself, please visit and click “Request a Demo.”

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